Why List With the Dillard Group

· More than 70 Full Time REALTORS -- Networking is a REALTOR's greatest tool, and with 70 full-time realtors in the same office, it's a lot easier to match a seller with a buyer quickly. 63% of the homes that are listed through the Dillard Group are also sold through the Dillard Group and in 2007 our market share in Norman represents 21% of the real estate activity, with our next nearest competitor participating in only 12.5%. With the average experience of 15 years, and weekly collaborative meetings, there isn't a single real estate problem that you can have that either hasn't been dealt with by one of us or that can't be dealt with effectively.

· Member of Both Norman and Oklahoma City Multi List Systems – Even though the Dillard Group sells nearly 2/3 of its listings to buyers represented by agents within our own office, we feel that it is very important to put your home where it will be seen by REALTORS® not only in Norman, but Oklahoma City as well. By doing so, we open up your home to be part of the 8.7% of homes that are sold in Norman by REALTORS® representing buyers in Oklahoma City.

· Properties Showcased at Sooner Mall Home Information Center – Our Home Information Center is located just outside of Forever 21 near Chili's in the Sooner Fashion Mall. Your listing can be seen on 1 of 2 big-screen TVs for everyone to see, and for those that are interested, your home and it's information will be displayed, categorized by price, for all passers-by to see.

· Well-Known Name With I-35 Exposure – In just driving around Norman it is plain to see that the Dillard Group is by far the preferred choice of Norman Homeowners for professional real estate help. With its experienced REALTORS®, prominent I-35 location, and large Norman market share, the Dillard Group will get your home sold.

· First-Page Internet Search Exposure – The average buyer starts looking for homes 6 months before they purchase, and 6 months out, the buyers best friend is the Internet. As a member of the Dillard Group, I can represent your home on some of the largest real estate websites in the Nation to help make sure that interested parties can find your home. Go to your preferred search engine and type in a real estate related term. This is where people are going to be looking, and this is where they will find your home.

· Norman Transcript's Homes and More 2-Page Spread – Despite the Internet's dominance in the home search arena, we haven't forgotten the basics. As a member of the Dillard Group I will make sure that your home is advertised on the center page in the Norman transcript for everyone to see.

· 24/7 Telephone Answering Service – Your buyers will never get a busy signal when they want information on your home. If the office is closed, calls will be received by our answering service so both they and you receive quality Dillard Group service 24 hours-a-day.