Change of Address

The next step is to make sure that everyone knows of your new address. Below is a list of those places you should make sure know your new address:

  • Friends/Family
  • Banks 
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Cards
  • Phone Company
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Clubs/Professional Associations
  • Licensing or Certification Boards

Of course, this isn't to forget the most important "catch-all" if you will of the post office. You can change your address by picking up a change of address packet at any post office and then dropping the form off or simply leaving it in your mailbox. The same process can be completed online much more quickly at 

Utility Companies

On the state purchase contract the sellers are to keep the utilities on through closing, but it will be your responsibility to have the utilities put into your name after that.  With the new smart meters that they have put on, they can turn off the electric and gas very quickly if they notice that there is usage at an address that doesn't have an active account.  Of course, I will send out reminders to have the utilities put into your name along with the contact information for the utility companies about a week prior to closing!  

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