Homeowners Insurance

Even towards the beginning, you should be thinking about which insurance company you want to insure your home. There is no way to get rates or estimates until you have found a house, but having an idea about which companies you want to get rates from will help when time is short during the contract period. Many companies will give you discounted rates for carrying multiple policies, so the first place to start would be the company or companies that currently hold your insurance policies for car insurance or renters insurance. There is no real estimate for insurance because it can vary based on so many factors, but to give you an idea of a non-discounted insurance is between .9% and 1.1% of the final sales price (that percentage goes down as the price of the house goes up).  Usually with discounts and good credit you can find insurance for between .6% - .8% of the purchase price, but always make sure you know what kind of coverage is both required by your lender and what you feel comfortable with in terms of your personal coverage.

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