Client Testimonials

My wife and I used Rob when moving to the Newcastle area. We looked at homes in Norman, Newcastle, and SW Oklahoma City. We looked at so many homes that I was a little embarrassed. The great thing about Rob, he never complained and just kept finding great homes for my wife and I to visit. He was very professional and treated us like family. He really wanted us to find a home, and not just a house. Thanks to Rob, the whole home buying experience was less stressful and an enjoyable experience. - Don Sudbery
I would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to purchase a home. He is always available for any questions and he responds quickly. He is very knowledgeable and always happy to explain every step of the home buying process. He was able to help my husband and I find a house that met both of our needs. He goes the extra mile and I would use him again as an agent in the future. - Ashley Swamy
"Rob was very friendly, helpful and readily available to assist us in finding the right home! With the start of our journey he prepared us with everything we needed to know/expect like closing costs. He helped us assess the value of homes with the cost per square foot and was savvy with particular inspection codes. We are pleased with our experience." - Holly Swanson
"Rob was an absolutely fantastic realtor. He is always very responsive and does a great job of incorporating the latest technology to help his clients. He also was very accommodating despite my very busy work schedule. I felt like Rob went above and beyond to help me and my fiancee find a home that was a great fit for our first time purchase! I would definitely recommend him to friends and family and would absolutely use him again for our next purchase. Rob always took the time to make sure I was happy through every part of the buying process. Overall, an excellent realtor, but even a better person!" - Trung Pham
"Rob gave us advice on buying a home for over a year! We contacted him and looked at a few homes, we then decided to hold off for a year. Rob sent us requested info and answered our questions throughout the year. When the timing was right he was even more helpful. He made us feel like we understood the buying process and we finished knowing we got a good deal. Even my lender said "you have a really good realtor". I recommend Rob and I'll use his services again if the occasion arises." - Steve Swanson
"Rob rescued the sale of our house after our first realtor turned out to be handling it in a way we considered inappropriate. Switching to Rob was the best decision we made during the entire process. We had moved out of town by this time and had to do everything long distance. The sale involved a series of offers and counter-offers, and through the entire stressful process Rob's advice and expertise were invaluable. In addition to a thorough knowledge of the market and of the details of real estate, Rob knows the technology required to give your home the best possible internet presence. He also is exemplary in his attention to detail and did a great job of keeping us informed as the process went along. He is a pleasure to work with and a person of the highest integrity. We highly recommend Rob to anyone in the area who is looking to sell a house." - Mary Morrison
Rob is a wonderful realtor. He knows all there is about homes, building a home, what to expect. He helped us find our home within 2 days of looking at 26 homes!! He goes beyond customer service and makes you feel comfortable. He is a life saver and will definitely use him again!! He's a pro all  the way! - Lisa Brinker
I did not expect the experience we received throughout our buying/selling process. Rob kept my wife and I informed every step of the way. As stressful as selling and buying at the same time can be, he made the process seamless. We could not have done it without his help. We will definitely be using  him for our next purchase, or for any friends/family in the market. - Corey Rucker
"Rob was willing to be as flexible as needed to work with our schedules while we were looking for our home, and then once we were purchasing it. He listened during each part of the process and gave us quality, honest feedback, which helped us to make the best decision possible." - Michael Story
Rob helped us find the perfect home by working tirelessly and efficiently. He listened to what we wanted and took initiative to find it. He also responded very quickly to every part of the process. He was a pleasure to work with and we trust him completely. He is intelligent, funny, personable and  he knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him to anyone - Jamie Bruehl
"There is so much good to say about Rob that it is hard to know where to start. I feel like it is important to say that we were looking at houses on and off for a year, and had spent a lot of time with A LOT of different realtors.I didn't feel particularly confident with any of them to be honest, (and we even had one that wanted us to fill out an exclusivity contract with her without even showing us a house!) until we met Rob.

Rob is SO knowledgeable about a vast variety of items, and will catch and mention things that you may never even consider being a factor that you should take into account until they are mentioned. Anything that you may have a question about, IF he happens to not know the answer (which he likely will), he is very responsive and quick to get back to you with the answer.

Another really important factor for me at least, is that I am a very analytical person. Meaning we looked at A LOT a lot of homes. And Rob is so patient. It didn't matter how many times we wanted to see the same home again, he was very accommodating. And after seeing the homes that we were interested in, he was really talented at finding homes that he thought we would like that we may not have considered.

One of the most important things (besides his vast knowledge) is that he feels like a friend. He is so dedicated to making sure your family is being cared for- he did an additional walk through while I was out of town with a 360 degree camera (the day after his wedding!) and wrote up a contract for us while he was on his honeymoon. I feel so relieved to know that even after closing, Rob will be there with us through every bump we may encounter.

We've only just closed on our home not even a week ago, but I have already recommended him to anyone who mentions that they are considering looking for a new home. Go with Rob. You will not regret that you did." - Devin Babcock
Rob helped us sell our home in just 3 days. Made the process super easy and really handled the little hiccups along the way for us. I was convinced he was dedicated to his customers when he came out in pouring rain to measure the outside of the house to make sure we were being credited with the right square footage. Super great to work with and always answered our many questions at any time of the day. Also he listed our house much higher then the other Realator was going to list it and we still sold in less then 3 days. Highly recommend Rob if your selling your house and I'm sure he's just as good if your buying as well. - Craig Davidson
"You are the most professional and knowledgeable reasl estate agent I have ever dealt with.  You are timely, thorough, professional, and always deliver exactly what you promised!  It is most refreshing to me!" - Tom Travis
Rob was a great realtor to work with, we were referred to him by friends and we couldn't be more pleased. I was very particular about what I was looking for in a house and Rob made a tremendous effort to show us what we wanted while staying in our price range. As first time home buyers we were new  to the whole process and Rob did a wonderful job walking us through each step of the process in a way we could easily understand. We will look forward to using Rob as a realtor in the future and will definitely recommend him to our friends! - Rebecca McVicker
Rob is the best. Period. I do not normally write reviews, but after my experience with Rob I felt compelled. I had a house in Norman that I lived in while I was in school and then converted to rental property. After a few years of renting it out and tenants not taking care of my house OR my  pocketbook, I was ready to have it off my plate. At first I was not sure if it would be better for me to sell the house as-is with the work it needed, or to fix it up myself and use a realtor to sell it. I had found Rob through reviews such as this one and boy was I glad I did. Rob not only helped me sell it quick for a great price, he helped get it ready for market. I did not expect a realtor to help with the repair of a house. I just thought they take some nice pictures and put them all over the internet for buyers to see. Of course every realtor will do that but Rob went above and beyond. Living out of town, I could not easily fix the house myself or check up on the work of hired help. Rob being the wizard he is, knows great people for every type of home repair and improvement and was able to get my house back in fantastic condition quickly. He did this all the while keeping me informed of the status of all the repairs and never did anything without my approval. He was always prompt and just a phone call away. If he could not answer it was never too long before he would return my call. He truly went above and beyond the standard duties of a realtor and more than earned his compensation. Rob’s professionalism made me feel totally comfortable throughout the whole process and I would recommend him to anyone. My sister will be selling a house in Moore in about a year and she will be using Rob, because he is hands down the best - Jordan Anderson
"Rob made the home buying process fun and easy. He was able to explain everything in a clear and concise manner, which left my husband and I feeling we really were in the best hands. Rob listened to our needs and wants in a house and really tailored house viewings to what we found to be most important. If you are ever in need of someone in the home purchasing/selling department, I would highly recommend Rob. He even responded to late evening emails from my enthusiastic website home searches! I know we will be using his services again." - Lindsay Hightower

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