Finding What you Need

Sometimes there can be a difference between what you want and what you need. Could you do without that backyard tennis court? Could I get a storage shed instead of having a three car garage? Would I be willing to drive an extra 10-15 minutes to work or school? Are Norman Public Schools where I want my kids to go or if I could find a home in Moore, would that work? You should be asking yourself questions like this from the very beginning, and if at all possible let me know what your thoughts are.

Get a pen, a piece of paper, and ask yourself these questions:

1) What problems do I have with my current home's layout, amenities, and location?

2) What would I need in a home to solve those problems?

3) If I found a home that meets my needs, what compromises would I be willing to make to my ideal?

Asking yourself these questions would be a start, but the determining factor for most people is price. Take a look on my website and go to my Home Search page. This will bring up my IDX search page which will allow you to search for-sale and sold information pulled from the Norman MLS (which covers Purcell, Noble, and Moore), which will give you a good idea about what the prices are in the area you are looking.

Many times buyers have to think about the concessions that they would make because very few times does their 'ideal' home come up for sale. You need to have this in mind so you know when to make the decision to make an offer.

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